Sheldon Curtiss

Civil War Numbers


North vs. South

Abraham Lincoln


 Andersonville Prison was located in what state?




 Inside Andersonville, this was the name given to the barrier that meant certain death if crossed.   

 The Dead Line  


 This individual was the commanding officer who oversaw Andersonville Prison?  He was later executed for war crimes.

 Captain Henry Wirz  


 Andersonville Prison held approximately how many Northern soldiers?  



 Approximately how many Northern soldiers died in Andersonville Prison?  



Sheldon Curtiss came in contact with these people during his first night in Andersonville.

The Raiders


Sheldon Curtiss is buried in the Saranac cemetery. Approximately how many other Civil War soldiers are buried there with him?

Just over 100


This was the name of Sheldon's brother-in-law who died in Andersonville Prison and is buried in the national cemetery there. 

George Bernard


Sheldon Curtiss fought for the 6th Michigan Cavalry under what famous general?

General George Armstrong Custer


Name four things that were completely false concerning Sheldon Curtiss in the book Pink & Say.

1. He was not illiterate. He actually kept a Civil War diary.

2. He was not a teenager during the Civil War. He was in his 20s.

3. He was not in an Ohio regiment. He served in the 6th Michigan Cavalry.

4. He was not captured in Georgia. He was captured in Virginia.


How many people died during the Civil War?



What were a soldier's chances of NOT surviving the Civil War?

1 in 4 chance


Of all the soldiers who died, what percent died as a result of disease?

66.7% (2 out of every 3)


What were the odds of surviving a wound during the Civil War?

 7:1 (1 out of 7 died)  


This was the deadliest battle of the Civil War, with a total of 51,000 casualties.  



What penalty did the Raiders of Andersonville pay in the way their bodies were buried?

They were buried separate from the other soldiers.


Leading up to the Civil War, the federal government created a number of these in order to keep the country unified.


 Who was the President of the South during the Civil War?    

Jefferson Davis


This amendment went beyond the Emancipation Proclamation by ending slavery in all states, not just the Confederate states.

13th Amendment

In order to have enough soldiers to defeat the South, the federal government instituted a draft that forced men to serve in the army. What is the name given to this draft that led to violent draft riots during the Civil War.  

What was the Confederate battle plan for the Civil War?

The Confederacy’s strategy was mostly defensive. The longer the war dragged on, the better the chance that the North would give up and allow the Confederacy to survive as a separate nation.

 What was the 3-point Union battle plan for the Civil War?  

The Union, which had to conquer the South to win, devised a three-part plan:

• The navy would blockade Southern ports, so they could neither export cotton nor import much-needed manufactured goods.

• Union riverboats and armies would move down the Mississippi River and split the Confederacy in two.

• Union armies would capture the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia.   


Name three advantages the South had over the North when it came to fighting the Civil War.

1. Better generals (often beat the North with inferior numbers)

2. Highly motivated soldiers. (They were defending their land from an invading North.)

3. They were the Kings of Cotton. (an incredibly important crop economically)

 Name four advantages the North had over the South when it came to fighting the Civil War.  

1. More people (more soldiers)

2. More factories (to produce guns, clothing, etc.)

3. More food (They grew food crops instead of cotton.)

4. A greater system of railroads (made travel easier)


What four slave states ended up staying in the Union during the Civil War? 

 Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, and Delaware  

On January 1, 1863, Lincoln decided that, just as he could order the Union army to take Confederate supplies, he could also authorize the army to take and free slaves. What was the name of the order that freed slaves in Confederate states, but not the border states.

The Emancipation Proclamation


Under Abraham Lincoln, our country had its first income tax to help finance the Civil War. What percentage of the people's income was taxed under Lincoln?



Abraham Lincoln had General Robert E. Lee's property confiscated and turned it into this.

Arlington National Cemetery

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address has become one of the greatest speeches of all time, and yet it is incredibly short. How long is the speech?  
It was just 272 words long and took less than three minutes to give.  
Just a few days after Lee's surrender to Grant, President Lincoln was shot by this individual.   

John Wilkes Booth

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