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This was the side in the Civil War known by the following names: The North, the Blue, Yankees, and Billy Yank.

The Union


This was the side in the Civil War known by the following names: The South, the Gray, Rebels, and Johnny Reb.

The Confederecy


This group of prisoners in Andersonville robbed and murdered their fellow soldiers in order to improve their own living conditions and increase their own chances of survival. 

The Raiders

Leading up to the Civil War, many Southern states warned that they would leave the Union. What is the term used when a state threatens to leave the United States and become its own country. 


This advancement in military technology is often blamed for the high rates of death and terrible and terrible bodily injuries.

The Mini Ball


The Civil War is credited for first using this military invention. 

The Dog Tag


This type of war calls for the widespread destruction of crops, buildings, railroads, etc. on the enemy's home front.  It is meant to break the enemy's spirit and strike a serious blow to civilian morale.

Total War


This New York prison camp that held Confederate soldiers had nearly the same percentage of prisoners die in its camp as Andersonville.



This regiment made up of black soldiers fought bravely and valiantly.  The movie "Glory" tells their story and how they fought at the Battle of Fort Wagner. 

54th Massachusetts

When the Civil War started, how many slaves were there in the South?

4 million


This Confederate (Southern) general was asked by Abraham Lincoln to lead the Northern troops. He turned down Lincoln to lead the Confederate forces of his home state of Virginia. Lincoln paid him back by turning his property at Arlington into a national cemetery.

Robert E. Lee


This Union (Northern) general finally defeated Lee’s army in Virginia, by aggressively attacking him,  even though he lost twice as many men as Lee. He later became one of our country's Presidents.

Ulysses S. Grant


This Confederate (Southern) general was known for his extreme bravery during battle. During the Battle of Bull Run, the Confederate Army rallied around this general. He ended up dying later in the war when he was shot by one of his own soldiers. 

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson


This Union (Northern) general marched southeast through Georgia to the sea, creating a wide path of destruction. His army burned almost every house in its path and destroyed livestock and railroads. He was determined to make Southerners sick of war.

William Tecumseh Sherman


This Union (Northern) general was removed from service by Abraham Lincoln, because he wasn't aggressive enough in fighting the South. He ended up running against Lincoln in the next election on the promise of bringing a peaceful end to the war. He ended up losing the election to Lincoln.

George McClellen


Many point to this battle as the turning point of the Civil War. This three-day battle in Pennsylvania produced staggering losses: 23,000 Union men and 28,000 Confederates were killed or wounded. Total casualties were more than 30 percent. It was a major victory for the Union.

Battle of Gettysburg 


This clash was the bloodiest single-day battle in American history, with casualties totaling more than 26,000. The next day, instead of pursuing the battered Confederate army into Virginia and possibly ending the war, McClellan did nothing. As a result, Lincoln removed him from command.

Battle of Antietam 


This was the first Civil War battle with staggering casualties. Nearly one-fourth of the 100,000 men who fought there were killed, wounded, or captured during this 2-day battle in Tennessee.

Battle of Shiloh


This battle marked the first shots of the Civil War when Confederate forces attacked a federal fort on an island in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. There were no deaths in this battle.

Battle of Fort Sumter 


The Confederate forces won this battle thanks to "Stonewall" Jackson. The battle took place just 25 miles outside of Washington D.C. Had the confederate forces pressed on, they probably could have taken D.C. and ended the war right then.

Battle of Bull Run

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