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FlipQuiz™ is fairly simple to use, but it is new. Invariably, you're going to have questions. Browse through the list of questions and answers below if you are having trouble getting started.

How do I sign up?

That's the best question of all. Glad you asked.

 Create a FREE FlipQuiz™ account →

How do I retrieve my password?

Because we value your privacy, your passwords are not stored in the database in plain text. Unfortunately, you can't retrieve your password, but you can certainly have it reset.

Simply visit the FlipQuiz™ login page and click the link that says "Request a new password" (Yep, the one with the envelope icon next to it!). After you fill in the email address that you signed up with, you'll be sent instructions on how to choose a new password!

Alternatively, you can cut right to the chase and go fill in your email address here.

How do I create a new quiz board?

There are a couple ways you can set up a new quiz board. To get started, make sure you've logged into FlipQuiz™.

From Any Page

Once you've logged in, you'll notice that the navigation bar at the top of the site has changed. You can simply choose the green button in the navigation that says "Create a New Board" to get started from any page in the website.

use the navigation to create a board

From Your Dashboard

You can also create new quiz boards from your main dashboard at any time. Choose the orange button in the top navigation that says "My Boards" to head over to your dashboard. Once you're there, you ca simply choose the big green button that says "Create a New Quiz Board" right above the listing of your other boards.

create a board from the dashboard

The Easiest Way (From Here)

Click the button below to create a new board. (You'll need to be logged in.)

 Create a New Quiz Board

How do I edit an existing quiz board?

Editing your quiz board can be done all at once or for each individual question & answer. The edit buttons are bright orange, so that should help.

Edit Your Entire Board All at Once

Sometimes you just need to change a bunch of questions. To do so, click the "Edit Your Entire Board" link on the main board viewing page (not the presentation view). It'll be located right under the board's title.

edit entire board button

Edit Individual Questions & Answers

Editing the entire board all at once might be overkill. When you just need to edit an individual question or answer, simply choose one of the 30 orange edit buttons directly connected to the question (or answer) on the main board view that you want to change. They're pretty hard to miss.

edit individual questions on quiz board

How do I get to the presentation version of my board that looks like a game?

At the top of each main board view there is a large green button that says "Launch Presentation View". That's the one you're looking for. Hit that one and you'll be right where you want to be!

button to the presentation view

How do I see all the boards I've created?

Easy peasy. To see all of your boards in one place, you can hit the "My Boards" button in the top navigation (when logged in) or just log in. The first page you see after you log in is your dashboard, which has a listing of all your FlipQuiz™ boards :)

(Also, you can click here if you're logged in.)

see all boards

Can I submit a specific request?

Absolutely! Sometimes you just have a question or issue that isn't covered here. That's okay.

Just go ahead and fill out the support request and we'll get the issue taken care of as quickly as we can. (You will need to be logged in.)

Support Request →

Things look funky. What's compatibility look like for FlipQuiz™?

FlipQuiz™ is dedicated to serving the best experience to the greatest number of devices, browsers, technologies, and users. That being said, it takes time to build, test, analyze, and build again. Below is a listing of some of the more common browsers that are supported. (Others may be supported as a byproduct, this is just a small sample.)

All versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. IE9 (with occasional quirks), IE10+.

FlipQuiz™ works great on iOS, but is actively being enhanced for a stellar mobile experience. FlipQuiz™ has also been tested and works great on classroom "smart" boards!

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FlipQuiz™ provides educators with a quick way to create quiz boards for test reviews in the classroom that can be saved for later use.

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