Video Embeds Have Arrived!

You read that right. You can now embed videos on your FlipQuiz™ boards!

Oh yea. Did we mention that it's open to everyone?

We could spend a few minutes talking about why we added such a feature, but it makes more sense just to get right into how you can insert these videos!

Adding Videos to Your Quiz Boards

When creating a new board or editing an existing board, you'll now see an extra icon in the editor toolbar. It looks a little something like this:

video embed button

Give that a click and you'll get a popup window asking you to enter a URL, width, and height (width and height are optional).

insert video screen

Clicking on the "Instructions" link will give you a list of all (currently) supported video sites and the proper format for the URL of the video.

video URL format instructions

Once you've filled in the information, click "Insert" and a bit of text will be added to your board in the text field where your cursor was positioned. Don't worry, the site will take this snippet of text and transform it into a video on the board view and the presentation view!

video code snippet


And, so you can see it in action, here is a video that was added to this page in exactly the same fashion:

Thanks to Joel Illian for deciding to create this great "Getting Started" video!

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