Using FlipQuiz for Knowledge Assessments

It happens every year. You say farewell to students you've had all year, proud to have filled those little brains with tons of knowledge. Then you pack up your things and head to the beach/pool/lake house - you get the idea. It's summertime!

All too soon, though, summer is over and it's back to the classroom. You love your job, so you're excited to get back to molding young minds, but you were left by students who learned all you had to offer and now you have to start over. But what do these students already know? Why is it important to find out? How do you find out?

Why Assess Students' Knowledge Level?

According to a Cornell study, assessing student learning allows you to fill in specific gaps in student knowledge, find out about the diverse backgrounds of your new students, bridge previous and new material, and learn about any misconceptions from previous material that might influence - or even counter - learning new material.

In other words, you can give yourself - and your students - a huge advantage by not boring them with material they already know and focus on new material. You'll probably even learn a bit about how to teach the new material so that it has the best chance of taking hold in those bright young minds!

Okay, on to the "how" part of this exercise....

How Do I Engage Students in the Assessment Process?

Well, what language to students of all ages speak? Games! There's no rule or law that says student assessment has to be boring, tedious, or lackluster. Make a game out of it and students will be engaged.

Furthermore, what a better way to welcome a new class of students - many of which might be new to the school or not looking forward to being back in school - than to open the school year with a fun game? One that will provide you with the information you need and even be a team building exercise for the students!

Just do a Google search for "EdTech Games" and you're sure to find FlipQuiz among many other wonderful sites like Kahoot, Socrative, and Plickers, just to name a few. In fact, here is a post from the American Association of School Librarians that was nice enough to feature almost all of these tools (including FlipQuiz!) as the Best Websites for Teaching and Learning in 2015!

Get Up and Running Quickly

Signing up for a FlipQuiz account is super quick and easy, so go do that and create a quiz board to get started! If you need any help, there are some great tutorials out there or this video by Nik Chatzopoulos with a quick overview:

As a bonus, here are some great boards to get started in a few different categories:

Make sure you find out where your students stand this year and have a great year!

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