The Presentation View Panel

the new presentation view settings panel

A couple weeks ago, we silently launched a new feature called the Presentation View Panel. (We're still working on a better name.) This panel gives you the ability to change several settings for your presentation view. While it's just the beginning stages for some upcoming customization options, the panel launched with Dark Mode, Hide Title, Smaller Questions, and Double Points.

Dark Mode

dark mode setting

This one is probably the most noticeable difference. Many times, classrooms play with the lights off so the projector can be seen and to instill a bit of calmness to the entire event. Other times the classroom simply doesn't have many windows. In these cases, the bright presentation view can become overpowering.

For those that want it, the Dark Mode gives the eyes some relief by inverting the brightest parts of the screen, while maintaining the FlipQuiz™ brand (for now).

Hide Title and Smaller Questions

The other aesthetic options in the settings panel include Hide Title which, you guessed it, hides the board's title. This piece of information is often unnecessary or for the teacher's organizational purposes only, so we've given teachers the option to simply hide it.

smaller questions animated example

The Smaller Questions option actually comes on the heals of a fundamental board change. Most board creators keep their questions and answers short. Because of this, questions rarely take up much of the available screen space when a tile is flipped. To better accommodate the majority of our users, we've increased the size of questions and answers dramatically (double, to be precise). If you still want to enter your long questions and answers, go ahead! Just check the Smaller Questions box and your questions will be back to the smaller size they once were.

Double Points

double points for all questions

Sometimes the stakes just need to be higher, right? Maybe you want to follow up a game with a double or nothing game? You can even double the point values mid-game to make things interesting! Go ahead, give that box a check. All your questions will now be worth twice as many points as before!

The Double Points feature also works for our PRO members taking advantage of team scoring!

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