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To be honest, this wasn't an extremely oft-requested feature, but we did get it enough times to give it a go.

Imagine you've started a FlipQuiz game, but the answers just aren't coming as quickly as you'd thought. You have five minutes left in class and half the board is still up for grabs. Rather than starting over or taking a screenshot, wouldn't it be great if you could just save how the board looks and pick back up tomorrow?

Now you can!

How It Works

When you're playing a quiz board game, you can choose to click the "Save for Later" button in the bottom right-hand corner at any time.

You'll be presented with a dialog box that has a web address for you to copy. Copy that URL and save it somewhere safe! Maybe you could put it in a notepad file? Maybe you could email it to yourself? Either way, this web address is the key to starting where you left off!

Once you surf to that link next time, you'll have your board as usual, but all the cards that were turned over will still be turned over!!

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