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As FlipQuiz continues to grow in users, it's only natural that the experience would become more social. That's why we've introduced the ability to "Like" (also: flag or bookmark) boards!

Liking (and Unliking) Boards

On most of the listing views on the site you'll notice a small star in the corner of the listing.​ Clicking on this star will signify that you like that board and - along with showing the board creator some love - want to save that board for later use. To change your mind, simply click on the star again.

like boards to save for later

How to Find Your Liked Boards

Wouldn't be much of a bookmarking system if you couldn't quickly access them later, right? For the observant, you'll have noticed that, along with your own boards, you now have a listing on your dashboard of all the boards you've liked. You can always unlike them there the same way you would any others.

listing of your liked boards

What's Next?

Liking boards (more importantly, having yours liked) isn't nearly as much fun if you can't see who liked your board. Over the next few weeks, we'll add listings of who liked your boards, trigger an email to you whenever a board of yours is liked, and add listings of your liked boards to your profile as well as a listing of top liked boards to the search and discovery section.

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