Results of Quick Questions: Import vs Export

Over the last few weeks, we've run two polls - one building off of the other. As we continue to build this platform, we want to find ways to make it easier to create boards and use them in ways that make the most sense to you, the members of this community.

As we watch the social channels and check out FlipQuiz quick start videos that are created by you all, we've noticed that the most time consuming part of the process is entering 30 questions and answers for each board. Hopefully we've helped that process along for PRO members by allowing the copying of user boards, but there are still many instances where it would be nice to be able to import from a third-party source.

Import vs Export

Before we got ahead of ourselves though, we wanted to know whether you would be more likely to use a tool that imports content or one that exports content somewhere else. While we think both are valuable, we want to make sure we focus our efforts on the greater needs.

The results were pretty clear:

Import from outside sources

Export to outside sources

Of 135 responses, 90 of you said you would like to see a tool that imports content from other sites to FlipQuiz. Beyond giving us a way to focus our efforts, this result also reaffirms that you want to use FlipQuiz to review and that's great news too!

So.. Import from Where?

As a follow-up, we ran a poll the following week asking where you would like to import content from. This will allow us to again narrow our efforts to reach the majority of users first, but it also gives us some insight into what other tools are being used that might be similarly structured to FlipQuiz and are most popular.

Kahoot and Google Docs grabbed the largest number of responses, with others including Socrative, Quizzlet, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint.

So, while there's no timeline for these tools, we now have a clear path: Import Tools from Google Docs and Kahoot. Technical challenges (ex: Kahoot's private quiz nature) will dictate how quickly these tools can be created, if at all. But the important part is, we now know what you want and can work in that direction.

Thank you to all who participated! Know that we're working hard to make FlipQuiz a great product, and it's all for YOU!

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