Results of Quick Question: Classroom Tablet Set

Do you have a set of tablets or similar devices for your classroom?


Last week, we started our series of Quick Question polls to find out some information about our site visitors in a minimally-intrusive-but-quick-result-getting way.

Our first question was regarding the availability of a tablet (or similar) set of devices in the classroom. Almost 300 of you answered this quick question (thank you!) and the results were fairly split.

As you can see above, 53.6% of you answered that you do not have a classroom set of devices, while 43.4% of you answered that you do. The number of you that answered yes was actually higher than we anticipated, but still left us at an almost 50/50 split.

Why This Matters and What We Learned

This information was important to us for one big reason: focus. There are some features that we want to implement down the road that take advantage of multiple screens. While we still intend to make our way there at some point, we now can assume that less than 50% of you (based on our decent, but small sample of 300 people) would be able to do anything with these features.

We can conclude that - at least for now - we should focus more on the features that build on the single-screen experience we already have going.

Thanks to all who voted. Make sure you answer the next one!

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