Reorder Your Questions!

Recently, we launched a restructuring of our quiz boards to clean up the site and help boost performance. In conjunction with that, we alluded to the flexibility to now add some other features we've wanted to add for a while.

Well, today we're making good on the promise of new features with the first of many: reordering questions!

The Juicy Details

So, what can you really do now that you couldn't before? When you're editing your boards, you can now rearrange the questions in any given category. Suppose you started writing questions, but that last question - you know, the 500-point one - is much easier than even the 300-point one. Well, no sense in copy/pasting the 500-point question to the 300-point block, the 300-point one to the 400-point block, and the 400-point one to the 500-point block. What a pain!

Now, you can simply grab the handle on the question and drag them around to reorder them!


What If I Have Custom Points? PRO

No worries! If the points are 100-200-300-400-500 (in that order), we'll take care of the reordered values automatically. If you've customized the point values to something else, we leave them entirely alone. Yes, you'll have to do a little point value shifting if you need to change the point value order too, but we didn't want to make any assumptions on your board's point values.

** There's also a little bit of an easter egg with the new reordering feature! If you find it, make sure you let us know on Twitter (@flipquizme)!**

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