Print-Friendly Board Overviews

One of our most requested features is the ability to print boards. Not only is this convenient for creating a paper copy of what you've crafted, but it helps enable students without computers or ones with various disabilities to have access to the same content!

Give It a Try!

Starting right now, you can print one of your board overview pages - the one that shows all the questions and answers - and get a pretty nice printout. The URL for these pages should look something like this:

Here is (part of) the one for the demo board, just as an example:

flipquiz demo board printout screenshot

Download the Demo Board printout as a PDF →

Just Getting Started

For now, we focused on the board overview pages. This seemed the most pressing, but we still want to circle back around and make some of the other parts of the site a bit more print friendly.

We'll also be looking for other ways you can save your content, possibly exporting to PDF, Word, Excel, or others...

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