New Tools, Emails, and Upgrades

It's been a great summer and the school year has officially launched for most everyone. We spent a good amount of time cleaning up some of the site's inner working this summer and, while there will always be more to do, it's looking pretty good and flowing pretty nicely.

The last two weeks have been particularly fruitful as we upgraded a couple of features and added a new mini-feature. Let's take a look.

Emails When a Board is Liked!

That's right, you now get an email when one of your boards is liked telling you what board, who liked it, and how many stars it has! We want the site to be as social as people want it to be, so we're giving you the opportunity to see some of the action happening on your boards.

sample FlipQuiz like email

If you don't want to see when your boards are liked, you can optionally turn those emails off in your profile settings.

user settings screenshot to turn of notification

Removing Old Board Categories

As the site continues to grow, we want to make sure we responsibly maintain the database by clearing out old information that is no longer used. We're not in the business of clearing out your information, however, so we want to provide the tools necessary to give you the power to clean house.

As of about a week ago, you now have the ability to remove board categories that you no longer wish to use. It's as simple as looking at the list of categories on your dashboard (bottom of the sidebar) and clicking the little    next to the category. You'll be asked if you're sure and then you're all cleaned up!

sample board categories box

Revamped Support System

This one's more for us, but we reconstructed our support system to better serve your comments, suggestions, and questions. As a PRO member, you have first priority, so we wanted to make sure we got all the information and can differentiate the PRO and free members easily.

Our goal is to make sure that you're being taken care of, regardless of whether you are a PRO member or not, and our new system will help with that tremendously!

If you need to submit a support request, you can do so here.

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