More Ways to Discover Boards

Yesterday, we launched two new ways to discover pre-made boards: our "Most Popular" boards and our "100% Complete" boards pages.

Most Popular

One of the goals for FlipQuiz™ is to become a place where people can share resources, not just create boards in isolation. To begin to cultivate a community, we've created user profiles, discovery tools, and ways to "bookmark" boards by way of liking them. When you "like" a board, it shows up in your dashboard for later.

Well, many of you have taken advantage of this feature, but again it is being utilized in isolation.. until now.

You can now see the top 25 boards by number of stars. These boards have been voted on by you and will always reflect the top starred boards.

See Your Most Popular Boards

100% Complete

We can't believe that SO many of you have created boards that include every single question being filled out! Once we realized it was so many (over 2500 at time of writing this article), we couldn't dare withhold a listing of your hard work.

If you want to see boards that have been crafted with love and are very likely being used in classrooms and living rooms around the world, check out this amazing listing of question-complete boards!

Browse 100% Complete Boards

What It Means for PRO Members

Hey, PRO members! These new listings give you even more resources to clone great boards to your account for later. Check out the most popular boards to see a member-curated listing of the best boards to copy or get started with a board that includes 30 questions (and possibly answers) already filled out!

Happy board copying!

On the flip side, if you don't want to share your boards, PRO members always have the ability to mark their boards as private so they won't show up on any of the discovery pages.

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