Introducing LaTeX Support

For those of you who aren't in the field of mathematics, there's nothing to see here. For the rest of you, this is going to change everything.

Support for LaTeX math rendering was a feature that was requested several times in the first site survey. If you're not familiar with LaTeX (pronounced "lay tek"), check out this Wikipedia article and this great page of LaTeX examples.

Well, as of today, FlipQuiz now supports LaTeX rendering in quiz board questions and answers! You'll be able to see the equations rendered on the board overview and also in the presentation mode.

How to Start Using It

Adding a LaTeX equation to your board is quite simple (if you know the LaTeX language). Simply add two dollar signs (ex: $$) to the beginning and end of your LaTeX string and you'll have beautiful blocks of equation.

LaTeX equation example

LaTeX equation preview

Inline LaTeX Equations

For inline equations, use a single dollar sign (ex: $) at the beginning and end of your equation.

Inline LaTeX example

Inline LaTeX equation preview

A Quick Note

While the LaTeX support is pretty good out of the box, there have been some quirks noticed based on platform, browser, or cached versions of scripts. Know that we are working to iron out the kinks, but usually a couple refreshes of the board will take care of the problem. (Make sure to do this before you start a game!)

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