Giving Back

FlipQuiz was created to give back.

At its inception, FlipQuiz was meant to be a tool for one very motivated (not to mention, beautiful) teacher to make her classroom test reviews more fun and engaging. Students win, teacher wins. Unfortunately, that was "teacher" - singular, not plural. So we changed that by opening FlipQuiz up to all who want to make the classroom just a little bit more fun.

But hosting large sites for many members doesn't come free, cheap, or easy. That's okay, but we needed to find a way to cover some costs and make it possible to grow the site over time, so we added a PRO tier. We kept the price at a level that we considered both affordable and enough to give us the ability to grow by adding new features and properly maintaining the site.

Even before we settled on a final price, we wanted to make sure that the spirit of giving back lasted well beyond the initial push to provide a tool for educators. We decided that, much like a church tithe, we would give 10% of every dollar paid to FlipQuiz (not 10% of profits or even after fees are paid!) to organizations trying to make the world a better place to live in.

Types of Organizations

This is a tricky area. While there are many organizations that do great work, we want to make sure that you - our paying members - can get behind the organizations we're supporting. Using sites like, we're scouting out charities that are rated very highly - meaning the money goes where it's supposed to and is handled with honesty and wisdom.

The organizations will sometimes be education related and other times they might be health or circumstance related. Each month we'll pick a reputable cause and give the previous month's 10%. In just about a year, we've already given hundreds of dollars to these organizations:

Suggestion Box

We can't possibly know all the best organizations out there, so we'd love to hear from you! Let us know if you have - or know of - a great organization. You can reach out using the Support Request form or on Twitter (@flipquizme - tweet or direct message).

* We only ask that the organization be 501c3 for tax purposes. Thanks!

Also, you can do your part by simply signing up and becoming a PRO member!

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