FlipQuiz™ FREE vs PRO: A Comparison Chart

A FlipQuiz™ site user recently sent me a support request hoping to be able to find a comparison of what users get with the FREE and PRO versions of FlipQuiz™. I assume - because it's how most web apps/services present their paid offerings - that they were looking for a chart with checkmarks that compare the FREE and PRO versions.

This will probably make it's way to the PRO page at some point in the future in some way, but I needed to get it out there somewhere that I can link to.

Here is the definitive list (as of writing this article) of what you get in the FREE and PRO versions of FlipQuiz™.


Create Quiz Boards    
Insert External Images (from the web)    
Upload Images (from your computer)    
Insert Video (from YouTube, Vimeo, etc)    
Use LaTeX Math Syntax    
Embed Quiz Boards    
"Like" Boards    
Search Boards and Users    
Submit Support Requests  
(first come, first served)
Mark Boards as Private    
Team Scoring    
Quiz Board Flashcards    
Copy (Clone) Others’ Boards    
Custom Point Values    

Both the FREE and PRO plans will continue to have better, faster, more intuitive tools developed, but PRO members will also get first access to new features.

To learn more about monthly/yearly PRO plans and read about the features in greater detail, visit the PRO page.

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