Embedding Your Boards on the Web

That's right. We've FINALLY added the ability to easily embed your boards anywhere you want on the web!

I could drone on about why we decided to add this feature and what it means for you, but I think we all know the answers to those questions. Let's just get right to the HOW....

How to Embed Your Boards on Your Site

Embedding your quiz boards on other sites is SUPER simple! First thing you want to do is surf over to the board you want to insert into your website. You'll find the code snippet on the board view page (the one with all the questions and answers in plain view).

embed snippet

Once you've found this box, it's as simple as copying the code and pasting it your website! (You will need to make sure you are pasting this in HTML code, NOT a word processing text box.) Feel free to change the "width" and "height" values to your liking.

Yea, that's really it! Once you save the code, you should see your board, embedded on your website.

The Final Result

embedded board

See the code in action on CodePen →

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