Copy Other Users' Boards

You asked for it, we made it happen. You can now copy others' boards to your own account and then make any changes you'd like to your new version!

As we explore what it means to develop options for pre-made quiz boards, we first wanted to give PRO users the ability to build off of each other. There are many great boards already in the site and some that are incomplete, just waiting for someone to finish them for their own purposes.

That's why we thought we needed to add this feature.

Why PRO?

The kind of content explosion that this feature brings has the potential to muddy the waters if not done correctly. As a service to both our PRO and non-PRO members alike, we wanted to make sure that your board discovery and search results contain the most relevant boards possible. We figured, if you paid for an account, you're probably not looking to spam the site, right?

(If you're not a PRO member, check out the benefits and upgrade today!)

How it Works

The process is simple. Throughout the site you'll see buttons for you to copy your board. These are accompanied by the same icon in each place:  . Whenever you look at the recent boards, do a search, or simply view a single board, you'll see a button that will allow you to copy the board to your account.


As soon as you click that button, a copy of the board will be placed in your account and you'll immediately be taken to a page to edit the content. Once you're happy with it, click save and you're golden!

See all the features and become a FlipQuiz PRO member today!

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