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For the last year or so, our navigation structure has remained largely the same. When you're logged out, you were presented with some common pages to visit and, when logged in, you would have some more relevant choices across the top of the page.

Unfortunately, some of those links were a bit confusing. What happens if I click on my name? Where does the little cog/gear wheel take me? What's that icon on the end? (It was for logging out.) It also provided some mobile device issues, since the menu would start to break out of its box at smaller screen sizes.

Well, no more.

navigation screen shot

Our new navigation structure - when logged in - folds all that content under a drop menu, making it easier to browse and more flexible for future iterations. The icons are now labeled and you know you're logged in by your profile picture. (If you haven't uploaded a profile picture, now's the time!)

With this design, we were able to bring back the other areas of content in the site, like information about becoming a PRO member and the blog, which has now become a little more actively updated. We were also able to move the "Support Request" link up the page as well. Some people were finding it in the footer, but we wanted it to be more prominent.

Hopefully you like the change in structure! Let us know on Twitter what you think @flipquizme!

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