Automatically Import Your Jeopardy.Rocks Games import example

Although Jeopardy.Rocks has only been around for a little over six months, it is likely that many educators have heard of - or even tried - the similar quiz board site. The concept is very much the same, but no real accounts are created and boards are saved as orphaned entities, waiting to be played or edited.

Without going into too much detail, there are a few things that Jeopardy.Rocks doesn't have that FlipQuiz offers. We realize that Jeopardy.Rocks was built as a week-long code challenge. It was never meant to be more than a quick option for teachers to help engage students.

We want more for you.

That's why we created an importer for Jeopardy.Rocks game boards! We believe that you should be able to keep your boards together in an account, where you can see them all in one place, easily edit them without having separate passwords, and add more than just a line of text for questions and answers.

The Jeopardy.Rocks Importer will start out in BETA, so please make sure you hit us with any bugs. As we iron out the details, we'll scrap the BETA label and give it a permanent residence in the site.

How to Import Jeopardy.Rocks Boards

Importing boards is super easy. When you created your board, you were given the option to set a custom URL for your board (this was also emailed to you). The URL should look something like this (bold is your custom text):

Simply copy that URL and paste it inside the box below.


UPDATE: This feature has been temporarily disabled while we investigate our legal obligation to Jeopardy.Rocks.

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