An Updated Look and Some New Goodies

Our New-ish Look

The new school year is now in full swing and with it comes an updated design for FlipQuiz™. We not only updated the look, but we rewrote a lot of the underlying code, helping with maintainability, performance, and extensibility.

And speaking of extensibility, we've also added a few new goodies, too! Check out what we've added below and, as always, stay tuned for even more awesomeness coming in the near future!

Goody #1: A Quiz Board Timer


Computers are pretty good at counting things. Why not let your computer handle the timer for each question?

Change the number to how many seconds you want (the default is 30, but you can change it) and click start. When time is up, you'll see an overlay that says "Time's Up!". It's just that easy!

Give it a spin on the Demo Board →


Goody #2: Add & Subtract Team Points


FlipQuiz™ PRO members have been easily keeping score for their teams, but - until now - you could only ADD points to your teams' scores. Now, you also have the option of subtracting points for incorrect answers!

There's a PRO Teams Demo, too →

Goody #3: Easy Board Sharing


A few months ago, we added a code snippet to each board overview to allow them to easily be embedded on other websites (which we recently updated for better extensibility, too!).

After several support requests asking how to share the presentation views, we added links on each presentation view that allows it to be quickly shared on Facebook or Twitter. To share manually, the link can be copied, too, and pasted elsewhere!

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