A New Payment Processor

If that article title doesn't get you all excited.. well.. we can't blame you. But it's great news for FlipQuiz in a couple of ways.

A Developer Relationship

While FlipQuiz remains the product of one person, another pair of hands is beginning to do work on the site. (Someone with a greater understanding of back-end technologies.) This new relationship is the best byproduct of the new payment system.

For the last year and a half, I've worked on FlipQuiz by myself. I started the site for my wife, opened it up to all teachers, and have scrambled over time to add features, improve performance, answer support requests, redesign parts of the interface, and write, write, write. I love what I do, but it's a lot for one person.

With this overhaul of the payment system, I was able to enlist the services of a local (Orlando-area) developer by the name of Matt. Matt and I had previously worked on a project together for the branding agency that I work for (yea, I have a full-time job too!), so I knew that we would be able to work together well on FlipQuiz.

Upgraded Systems

Without getting into specifics, the old PRO signup payment system had started to show its age and inflexibility. It technically still worked, but it made accounting difficult in many ways. It also didn't allow for future growth in the direction online payments area headed.

With our new system, all subscriptions (credit card or PayPal) run through one hub, making it easier to issue refunds, cancel your membership from within the site, and keep everything organized. It also allows for some interesting new ways to accept payment that we might try in the future like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Venmo, and more.

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