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Posted in Site Updates on May 23, 2016

Since our launch over 2+ years ago, one of the things we've been least happy with (and have heard the most issues about) is our "Save" process.

Well, we finally did something about it.

Demo Below ↓

What Was Broken

Where should we start? How about with the process of creating a new board. For starters, it was hard to tell when the board needed to be saved. Is it automatically saving itself? Against what content since there wasn't a board yet? If I click the "Save" button, what will happen?

Posted in New Feature on May 5, 2016

To be honest, this wasn't an extremely oft-requested feature, but we did get it enough times to give it a go.

Imagine you've started a FlipQuiz game, but the answers just aren't coming as quickly as you'd thought. You have five minutes left in class and half the board is still up for grabs. Rather than starting over or taking a screenshot, wouldn't it be great if you could just save how the board looks and pick back up tomorrow?

Now you can!

Posted in New Feature on May 5, 2016

We see a lot of you posting your "Play" mode game links all over the internet (which is awesome!), but we found that it might be difficult for people to get back to the overview page from there. We think that people will want to (even need to) see the overview page from time to time, so we did something about that....

Posted in Contest on April 24, 2016

April 21st was one of this year's four Get to Know Your Customers Day days. To do just that, we quickly put together a short survey and asked you all to fill it out. In return, we offered a free lifetime FlipQuiz PRO account to one lucky winner.

We got back so many submissions that we thought it only fair that we actually award three lucky winners!

Here are the winners and the survey results....

Posted in Site Updates on April 7, 2016

One of our most frequently asked questions is how to share/export/print/embed boards elsewhere. We've had many of these features for a while, but they've always been a bit hard to get to. Not anymore :)

Easier Export

We moved all of the export-type links to a dedicated menu on a board's overview page. Under Export & Print, you can choose to export to Microsoft Word (DOC), Microsoft Excel (CSV), or print it to, well, paper.

Posted in New Feature, Site Updates on March 22, 2016

Well, that might be a bit dramatic for a blog title, but we're really excited for the new board editor! The editor is the part where you type in your questions and answers - the part that has the buttons where you can choose bold, italics, etc.


The short version is simply this: we weren't happy with the speed (read: performance), clunkiness, and lack of extensibility of our old editor, called CKEditor. After doing a good bit of research, we settled on one that mimics the editor found on, aptly called the Medium.js Editor.

Posted in New Feature on March 19, 2016

How do you choose a student to answer a question? How about doing it at random? Some of you have asked for a way to do just that!

In our newest section of the site (called the FlipQuiz Toolbox™) we've added a new tool that will help you choose one of your students at random!

Posted in General, New Feature on March 19, 2016

We're always looking for new ways to improve the FlipQuiz™ website. Many have you have mentioned that you are interested in a way to randomly create groups of students, so we built you just that!

In a new section of the site we're calling the FlipQuiz Toolbox™, we'll be adding similar tools that make life just a bit easier when you're trying to run a game of FlipQuiz or do many other everyday classroom tasks.

Posted in New Feature, Pro on November 20, 2015

Is your FlipQuiz PRO subscription reimbursed by your school? Has it been a pain to submit your payment information to get reimbursed?

Whether you answered "yes" to either of those questions or not, we've got good news.... You can access your payment history online now!

Posted in New Feature, Pro on November 11, 2015

For when you just want the school to pay for your membership.

It's Here!

That's right. It's been a long time coming, but we've finally added FlipQuiz PRO Teams as an upgrade option. We've had several support requests over the last year asking for a way to upgrade multiple licenses with one billing account. Today, we've opened up the ability for that to happen.


Posted in Site Updates on May 23, 2016
Posted in New Feature on May 5, 2016
Posted in New Feature on May 5, 2016
Posted in Contest on April 24, 2016

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