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What is the single biggest limiting factor for life in caves?

Organisms that live in caves have to cope with complete darkness.


What is the single bigeest challenge for living organisms in caves?

Finding a regular food source.


Explain how a cave that has no light or photosyntheis occuring can still have a complex food chain? Proivide an example.

Deer Cave is unable to support photosynthesis, however, bat droppings provide the necessary energy needed for a very complex food cahin to exist.


What is limestone made of? How is it possible that limestone can be found in areas of dry land?

Limestone is composed of minerals from decayed coral and marine life from a previous marine ecosystems that existed thousands of years ago. at one point in time the limestone would have been under water and when the water went away it left behind the limestone that exists today.


Describe the adaptation(s) of at least two animals that live in cave systems?

Bats - use echo location to find food

Cave Glow Worm - drops line of silk to capture prey, produce light from it's tail

Wrinkle lipped bats - protection by flying in cirlces with groups

Cave swiflets - use echo location and build nests from saliva

Cave snakes - receptors in their head that detect heat

Cave Salamander - specialized cells in skin to detect changes in water pressure


What is considered one of life's biggest spectacles?

Desert Locusts - Eggs can stay in the ground for up to 20 years and under the right condiditons they wil hatch. At their peak, there can be up to 1 billion locuts travelling at a time - eating everything in their path.


What can 'flash floods' do for life in the desert?

Rain increases the chance of survival for organisms that depend on the rain. Although it may only occur 1-2 times a year life is dependant on it.


How have Red Kangaroos adapted to survive in daytime temperatures of 70 degrees celsius?

1. Feed when the sun in low

2. Take shelter during miday under trees/brush

3. Lick saliva on forearms to cool blood.

4. Dig away soil to reach cool soil underneath



What is the number one killer of animals in deserts?

Lack of food and access to water.


Is the statement ' All deserts are hot' correct. Explain your answer.

No - many deserts are not hot but very cool. To be considered a desert the amount and frequency of rainfall is the determinging factor.


What is a simple definition of evolution?


Process of change over long periods of time.


What does DNA contain?

Genetic messages or a blueprint of how a species is made.


What is the difference between Natural Selection and Artificial Selection?

Natural selection is done over long time through evolution and artificial selection is forced by humans.


What do humans still have on their body’s that shows we evolved from animals with tails?

A tailbone or coccyx


Why do some species go extinct instead of evolving?

They cannot change or adapt to changes in their environment.


What’s another name for the water cycle?

The 'Hydrologic Cycle'.


Where is most of the water on Earth found?

Most of the water on Earth is found in oceans and is salt water. About three quarters of the fresh water on Earth is found as ice. That means that only a very small amount of all the water on Earth is fresh and in a liquid form humans can use


What two things happen when precipitation falls on land?

1. It runs over the surface of the land into a stream, river, lake or ocean. This is called surface run-off.


2. It goes into the ground. This is called ground water. Ground water supplies water for wells and freshwater springs. Unless ground water is brought to the surface, it will eventually flow into a stream, river, or lake.


Describe the water cycle.

Water can be used over and over again. In the water cycle - water evaporates, then condenses and falls back to Earth as precipitation.


How can rivers and lakes become polluted?

Water pollution happens when harmful substances or organisms that can make animals and plants sick get into the water.


Commentators in the program discuss different approaches to saving species. What do you think about these approaches? Should efforts focus on saving select species or onsaving all species? Explain your answer.

Answers will vary. Make sure to justify your reasoning.


Explain the quote “Of all the endangered species, why do we concentrate on the big, beautiful, charismatic ones?”

Answers will vary, but generally the big, beautiful animals are seen as more important and therefore we focus more efforts towards.


Explain the quote “We are systematically eradicating many of the habitats that make up the world’s ecosystems.”

Answers will vary.


Is the term ‘sustainable development’ a contradiction. Explain your answer.

Answers will vary - things to think about 'with development there is a loss of habitat for animals/organiisms' So how can development be sustainable if there is a loss potential loss of ecosystems.


Explain the term “The organisms that matter—perhaps most of all—are the plants.”

Answers will vary. However, without plants other animals can not exist and therefore we would not have the diversity of life that currently exists today.


Why are there more plants at the bottom of the food web than animals at the top?

Because the bottom of the food web provides the energy for everything else in the food web.


As we go further up the food pyramid, there is less _______________ from plants.

As we go further up the food pyramid, there is less energy from plants.


Name three different types of animals that are decomposers.

Bacteri, Fungi, and Earthworms.


Why are decomposers important to the food web?

because they put nutrients back in the soil for plants to use


Where do the ingredients of a pizza come from?

  1. Crust =         ___________= ___________
  2. Sauce =       ___________ ___________
  3. Cheese =     ___________= ___________ = ___________

Where do the ingredients of a pizza come from?

  1. Crust =         wheat = plant
  2. Sauce =       tomatoe = plant
  3. Cheese =     cow = grass = plant

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