Take your review game to the next level.

FlipQuiz™ PRO Benefits

FlipQuiz PRO is a subscription to FlipQuiz that includes some of the most requested features from users like you.

We know that teachers don't have unlimited funds, so we've priced PRO for about the same as one fancy cup of coffee each month. (C'mon, you didn't really need that one grande flat white anyway, right?)

Better yet, let your school cover the cost! We'll get to that down below....

Go ahead and Upgrade Now or check out what you get with PRO:

In-game Scorekeeping

Up the anté on student engagement.


Keep score in your classroom while playing a FlipQuiz game. While most classrooms are best split into 2-4 teams, you can choose up to 10 teams that can play at the same time.

By adding an element of competition, students stay engaged throughout the entire game.

See scorekeeping in action →

Digital Flash Cards

Study at home or on the go.

Give your students a handy way to quiz themselves at home when you upgrade to FlipQuiz PRO.

Give your students a link where they can use the very same quiz board questions they played in class to test their own knowledge outside the classroom!

Only YOU have to have a PRO membership, not your students.

Plus, the flash cards are optimized for mobile & tablet devices, meeting your students right where they are.

Check out the demo on your phone and swipe left/right between cards or up/down to flip them!

  Check out a Flashcards Demo →


Copy Other Users' Boards

Or duplicate your own boards!

FlipQuiz PRO users can (and should) build off one another. So many great boards have already been created (over 78,900+ to-date) and just need a tweak or two to be perfect for your classroom!

All boards are MIT licensed, which means you can copy a version to your account and tweak away. Just look for the copy icon to clone a board!

Copy User Boards

Image Uploads

From your computer to the screen.


Adding images to boards gets supercharged in PRO with the ability to upload images from your own computer.

With each PRO account, you can:

  • upload up to 5GB of images
  • upload JPGs, PNGs, SVGs, and GIFs

Your students will love the pictures, you'll love how easy it is to add them!

Other Goodies....

There's more! And we're just getting started.

Private Boards

Some boards are meant for your eyes only. Set your boards to private to hide them from searches and listings or add a password for extra invisibility.

Custom Points

Why be forced to use the 100-500 point values? Set your own values to assign extra credit or simply just to use custom numbers.


PRO Badge

Yea, baby! Show off your FlipQuiz loyalty! We think everyone should know just how awesome you are.

FlipQuiz™ provides educators with a quick way to create quiz boards for test reviews in the classroom that can be saved for later use.

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