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Take your review game to the next level.

FlipQuiz™ PRO is a subscription to FlipQuiz™ that includes some of the most requested features.. and all at a price that's less than a fancy cup of coffee per month!

Check out what you get with PRO:

Team Scoring


Keeping score for your teams while playing a FlipQuiz board is the single-most requested feature.. and it's finally here as a part of FlipQuiz PRO!

With PRO, you'll be given the option to choose up to 10 teams that can play at the same time. With an added level of competition, students will stay engaged throughout the entire game.

  Check out a Teams Demo →

Image Uploads


Adding images to boards gets supercharged in PRO with the ability to upload images from your computer!

With each PRO account, you can:

  • upload up to 5GB of images and audio
  • upload JPGs, PNGs, GIFs, and MP3s
  • manage your images within your own library
  • upload, delete, resize, and crop from within the uploads interface

Your students will love the pictures, you'll love the ease of adding them.

Copy Other Users' (AND Your Own!) Boards

FlipQuiz PRO users have the ability to build off of each other. Many great boards have already been created and there are some that are incomplete, just waiting for someone to finish them for their own purposes!

Alternatively, you might want to copy YOUR OWN boards to get a jump-start on a different class or comprehensive assessment.

Just look for the copy icon to clone a board!

Copy User Boards

Flash Cards

Give your students a handy way to quiz themselves at home with FlipQuiz PRO. You'll be able to give your students a link where they can use the very same quiz board questions they played in class to quiz themselves!

  Check out a Flashcards Demo →

(By the way, you should check out the demo on your phone to swipe between cards and up/down to flip them!)


Other Goodies....


Private Boards

Some boards are just meant for your eyes only. Set your boards to private to hide them from searches and listings.


Custom Points

Why be forced to use the 100-500 point values? Set your own values to assign extra credit or just use custom intervals.


PRO Badge

Show off your loyalty and generosity! We think everyone should know how swell you are.

A PRO Monthly Membership is only $7/month!

Alternatively, you could go with the Yearly PRO Membership for just $70. It's like getting the summer months for free!

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